Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spotlight on Joseph!

Joseph, a senior at Wakefield High School, is a veteran of the Signature in the Schools program. He will be returning to the cat walk this February for a second time as one of our spotlight operators.

1.Where were you born? City/State/country?
Born in DC. Raised Northwest, Maryland, and Arlington. Stuck in the metropolitan area.

2.What is your favorite subject in school?
Orchestra even though eight years hasn’t paid off yet.

3. What is a favorite memory from your childhood?
Riding on my bike around the cul-de-sac. The suburbs were very rewarding.

4. What got you into theatre?
Right now, I am trying to find my inner self which is resulting in strange acts that some people find humorous. I do like acting and watching people act; sometimes, looking at an actor makes me wonder why I didn’t audition. Still, working with the technical crew is very fun, relaxing, and enjoyable.

5.What was the best show you ever saw? Where?
Unfortunately, I’ve only seen one Broadway show but I plan to see more. I could not guarantee if it was good though; the Addams Family seemed appropriate for traveling students. One play that I loved was the play held at our school last year starring Wakefield’s finest: Lintle and Jame (Both who starred in Signature in the Schools' productions of Image is Everything and Shakespeare, Will.)

6. What was the best thing you ate this Thanksgiving?
I got back from New York to enjoy a good meal late at night. Nothing wrong with cold turkey...

7. What is one thing on your holiday wish-list this year?
I wish for new glasses. More of a need than a want at this point since my glasses broke and I am sadly blind.

8. What is your go-to song to belt in the shower?
I like to pretend that I am Win Butler and that I could sing as well as him even though some people say he doesn’t have a very good voice. I don’t have an exact song though.

Here's Win Butler, lead singer of Arcade Fire:

9. If you were forced to appear before HUAC, would you choose to give away your friends to save yourself, OR save your friends and suffer the blacklist? Why?
If my friends fooled me then I would definitely give them away but if they were in a situation with no resolve, I would testify that they were innocent…even if I wasn’t a communist.

10. What has been your favorite exercise in SIS rehearsals thus far?
I like how the cast and crew were called together to participate for learning about the background history. Last year was totally different which is why I respected this year so much since the “techies” and “acties” were both required to attend those sessions and not just the actors. I like doing improv because it allows me to become more comfortable with more people.


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