Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In With the Interns: Vitale Christy

Name: Vitale Christy

School (Where/When/What): A rising sophomore at the University of Tampa in Florida

Long-Term Goals: I want to understand the language of Shakespeare and Sondheim. I want to write plays and hopefully get a Pulitzer for them, and hone in my craft as an actor and dramaturge.

Favorite Musical: Sunday in the Park with George

Favorite Play: Noises Off

Favorite Movie: Pan’s Labyrinth

Internship: Education intern

Internship Start Date: June 13

Internship Duties: I helped out with Overtures, Stage One, and will help with the Open House. I print music, scenes, etc. for the kids, set up rehearsal rooms for classes, and when I’m a good boy I get to help coach the Stage One kids. I'm also doing dramaturgical work for the upcoming Signature in the Schools show.

Favorite Things About Signature: Working with the kids and watching them grow as children of the stage.
Favorite Things About D.C.: Driving on GW Parkway home after a long day’s work.

General Cool Things About You: I shave with a straight edge razor, worked with Ashley Joye in a production of Our Country’s Good, got shot 12 times in the neck playing paintball once, can make the best PB&J you’ve ever had, and I am a brother of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

Why are manhole covers round?: So that if a mugger snagged an old lady's purse, then a bulky-Arnold Schwarzenegger-superhero-type guy could pick it off the ground, throw it like a Frisbee at the mugger and save the day!


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