Friday, February 19, 2016

Audience Etiquette 101

We're so excited you'll be joining us for 12 Million Footsteps. This play will likely be the first time many of your students have seen a play at professional theater. Below are the basic etiquette rules for the theater. Please share with your students before they attend to ensure that they have the most positive experience possible! 

1.)       Unwrap all candies and cough drops before the curtain goes up and do not leave wrappers on the floor of the theater. 

2.)       Make sure phones are OFF. No texting during a performance. 

3.)       Remember that when you lean your heads together or lean forward in your seat, you block the view of the person behind you.

4.)       THOU SHALT NOT TALK, nor hum, nor sing, nor beat time with a body part. The focus is on the stage, not on you.

5.)       Give the actors your attention.

6.)       Do not rifle through a purse, backpack, or shopping bag during a performance.

7.)       APPLAUD at the end of the performance. Applaud when you like something in the play, laugh when something is funny, cry when something is sad! The actors deserve to be recognized for the work they have done for your entertainment whether or not you enjoyed the play.

8.)       Take your program with you when you leave the theater.

9.)     The old standby: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


We can't wait to see you at the show! Please don't hesitate to send us any questions about your upcoming visit to Signature Theatre. 


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