Monday, December 19, 2011

Signature in the Schools and Hairspray

Cameron, an actor in Un-American

Cameron, a member of the Apprentice at Signature program, is a senior at Yorktown High School where he studies theatre under the direction of Signature Academy instructor, Carol Cadby. This is his first year performing with Signature in the Schools and is very excited to be originating the role of Taylor in the world premiere production, Un-American. A few weeks ago, Cameron was lucky enough to attend a matinee performance of Hairspray at Signature Theatre with his fellow Apprentices. A couple of weeks later, he attended the show a second time.

What did you think about Signature's production of Hairspray? 
Let me start out by saying… HAIRSPRAY WAS INCREDIBLE. Over the years I have seen dozens of shows but Hairspray at Signature was by far my favorite. Not only was the music and choreography incredible but the acting was outstanding. As an aspiring actor I thoroughly enjoyed watching these actors. They were truly reacting to what the other was saying, living the circumstances fully, and had amazing characterization. Often times there are shows with a few stars and then the ensemble is “average” but in Hairspray it was different. Each cast member created an extensive and detailed character, which made the show as a whole that much more real and that much more entertaining. Having been at Signature non-stop these past few weeks I have gotten to know some of the actors and they are some of the kindest, most talented people I have ever met. I hope to work more with Signature in the future and it is great to know that incredible individuals, who are not only great actors but great people as well, will surround me.
The cast of Hairspray performs on the Max stage

How do you feel about performing on the same set as Hairspray?
Being in Un-American gives me the chance to perform on the hairspray set. That is just down right awesome. Many sets are often one-dimensional in that they don’t have “levels.” Or, worse, they are just too over the top. But the Hairspray set brings both the levels, which creates a city vibe, while also adding just enough “flavor” to make the set stand out without being to flamboyant. I cannot wait to utilize the steps and the thrust in general. Hope to see everyone at Un-American this February! Happy Holidays and go see Hairspray!
The cast of Un-American rehearses with director, David Zobell, on the set of Hairspray.


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