Friday, December 16, 2011

Let's Get Personal with....Max!

Max Rosenberg, now in his junior year at Wakefield High School, has dedicated himself to Signature in the Schools for the last three years as our faithful stage manager.  Max was asked to say a few things about his duties as stage manager and what some of his favorite experiences have been working with Signature in the Schools in the past.  

Max hard at work during a rehearsal for Un-American.
When I was a young freshman boy coming to Signature for interviews, it was really scary. It was like walking into a new world that I knew nothing about. When I walked into the interview with Marcia and Joe I was nervous to say the least, and all I wanted to do at that point was work the lights and sound. Almost immediately after looking at my resume sheet, Marcia  asked, “How would you like to be stage manager?” That was the start of my great relationship with Signature in the Schools

This is going to be my third year working with Signature and it just keeps getting better and better every year. I learn more about what it’s like to work in a professional theatre, and I get more opportunities to work with others in Signature as well. Part of my job for my shows is to keep track of everything that goes on, from blocking to props. From what lines are cut to giving out calls for the next day’s rehearsal. But my favorite part by far is when we get to go into the theatre because from that point on, I am in charge of everything. I have the most authority in the room so when I call, "Break!" we have break, when I say "Let’s go back to this line," we go back to that line. From there I get to put in cues for lights and sound that I am given by the light and sound crew so that when it come to the first performance, I am ready to go. There is a lot of stress and time commitment that goes into this as well, but when you want to become something, you will work for it, and Signature is by far the one thing that that I can’t wait for each and every day.  My favorite part about doing this is being able to get to know people from my school and being able to work with them to have a great show for all the schools to see by the end. 

My first year though had to be my favorite. After the first couple of weeks Marcia started saying, “This cast always has had the most food at rehearsal by far compared to the other years.” We all laughed at that. Also, that was the year she called me the best stage manager she has ever had. This is why I keep coming back to Signature: for the people and to get better and better every year.


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