Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Overtures - NBC's Dean McFlicker

Dean McFlicker leads the Overtures
students in a camera performance exercise.
Yesterday, the Overtures students had the pleasure of getting to work with Dean McFlicker. Dean comes to Signature Theatre's Overtures Musical Theatre Institute from California where he is Vice President and Creative Director of NBC Entertainment Marketing. An award winning producer, director, and choreographer of countless productions, Dean has worked on and created campaigns for some of the most successful shows on television, including The Voice, America's Got Talent, ER, Law and Order, Smash, Heroes, The Apprentice, The West Wing, The Biggest Loser, and The Sound of Music

Dean McFlicker works with Allison
and Christina.
Having such a talented and valued member of the Hollywood executive scene join us here in Arlington was a delight for all involved. Throughout the day, Dean helped explain and explore the world of film and television, how it differs from the world of theatre, and how to best adapt one's skills to new platforms. This was one of the initial takeaways from Dean's time spent with us. 

Performers must be able to adapt and translate their skills to new mediums and avenues, particularly in this day and age where options are so varied and plentiful. The lines of entertainment are blurring and performers need to be ready to take the stage in whatever form it appears, whether it is a television show, movie, short film, web series, play, musical, one act, music video, awards show, television special, live event, etc.

After an in depth primer on the do's and don'ts of auditions in the world of film and television, Dean flipped a complete 180 and taught a brief dance routine to the students. After learning the steps the students were then taught how to play out for multiple cameras in a space. As they kicked, shimmied, and moved around to the music, Dean called out and changed their areas of focus quickly to different cameras, always keeping them on their toes. Keeping in time, focus and rhythm with several cameras around you is incredibly difficult, but if you can conquer that as a performer you can do anything.

Dean's time spent with the Overtures students was fantastic and we were so lucky to have him. Be sure to check Dean out on his Twitter and Instagram.

Half of the Overtures students strike their first pose in Dean's dance sequence.
We hope to see you at the Overtures Student Showcase, this Saturday, the 28th at 11 AM in the MAX Theatre. The event is free and unticketed. The doors open at 10:30 AM.


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