Friday, June 27, 2014

Overtures - The Casting Session

Ryan looks on as Allison audition.
People get nervous. This is a regular part of life. Day in and day out, people the world over fret and stress over a variety of things both of worth and of inconsequential value. It should be no surprise then that performers get nervous as well. 

Overtures students support one another
throughout the casting session.
Auditions can be terrifying. As a performer myself I know the stress and anxiety that goes into the preparation and over-analyzation of an audition and all it entails. There is just so much to think about and let yourself get caught up in. Am I prepared? Am I dressed appropriately? Do I have all of my headshots, resumes, and paperwork in order? Am I on time and in the right place? Are my monologues and songs memorized and in perfect order? Is my music binder neat and organized? Did the casting director like me? Was I too engaging? Did I not talk enough? Etc, etc, etc till you make yourself sick with worry.
Signature's Walter Ware II looks on
throughout the casting session.

Ashley receives a bit of feedback from
the casting panel.
The Overtures students got to experience a casting session yesterday and dealt with some of these minor worries and woes. (And made it through the session with smiles on their faces and knowledge to use in future auditions.) The session itself was made up of casting directors and producers from the DC area that included Alan Paul from The Shakespeare Theatre Company, Amelia Powell from Arena Stage, Danisha Crosby from Round House Theatre and our very own Walter Ware III.

Each and every Overtures student presented two 32 bar pieces and a short monologue to the casting panel and then received feedback on their performance, composure and how they presented themselves both on the stage and on paper. The advice was far ranging from student to student, but the lessons learned were invaluable. These talented young men and women essentially went before a, albeit supportive, firing squad of casting directors. They all presented themselves brilliantly and I am proud to have them represent Overtures this year.

This Saturday, June 28th is the final day of Overtures. With this final day comes the Overtures Showcase, where these 19 amazing people show off all of the training they have been through over the past two weeks. The performance begins at 11:00 AM in the MAX Theatre at Signature Theatre. Doors open at 10:30 AM. There will be a brief reception following the performance. The event is unticketed and free.

By Matt Strote


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