Monday, June 23, 2014

Overtures - The Actor Auditions

Mitchell Hebert helps students adjust the pacing
and rhythm of their monologues. 
The Overtures students were back in action with acting professor Mitchell Hebert this past week to further explore the monologues they have been working and adjusting. In one of the most recent sessions, Mitchell helped the students visualize and find better and easier ways to get into and out of their monologues. (Physically, mentally, and emotionally.) This was quite difficult for some students, especially for those whose monologue topics were less than "light and fluffy". 

Mitchell Hebert gives students
the lowdown on auditions.
Visualization is meant to ground an actor in the world of their monologue. Exploring it as an exercise is meant to provide a good, solid base from which the actor can do good work and be truthful. As Mitchell walked the students through exercises, they explored their own imagined spaces where they felt real. They were to visualize a location where they could see, smell, head, taste, and touch all that they needed in regard to the world of their monologue. As Mitch stated, visualizing your environment provides you with "a basket to place yourself in during auditions".

As human beings, we cannot help but constantly think of "things" throughout the day. The same can be said when it comes to performing a monologue. A performer cannot walk into an audition completely empty and free of thoughts and opinions. This is fine. No one can think of nothing. Instead of attempting to think of completely nothing during an audition, performers need to acknowledge the thoughts and impulses they have and perform "little dances inside of themselves" as they go on to perform. What this boils down to is an acknowledgement of thoughts and feelings and a welcome acceptance of them as they course throughout ones self. The feelings should This honesty and awareness lead to much better performances and people overall in the grand dramatic scheme of things.

The Overtures class looks on as Mitchell Hebert offers suggestions to students in regards to monologue preparation. 
 We are fast approaching the final days of Overtures here at Signature and would love for you to see the talented students of ours in action. Please join us on June 28th at 11 AM in the MAX Theatre for a free student showcase of all of the talent Overtures has to offer. This collection of brilliant solos, duets and group songs by the talented Overtures class will no doubt leave you in awe. We hope to see you there.


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