Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Usman: Why I Came Here

For the next several weeks, different cast and crew members of our talented Signature in the Schools program will be taking over our blog. Check back for frequent updates to get an inside track on their process and mindset with our latest production, Hero Worship

Today we will be hearing from Usman, one of the actors in Hero Worship. It is Usman's first year with Signature in the Schools and we thought it would be fun to hear a little bit about why he decided to join us.

Usman, hard at work, studying lines during a rehearsal for Hero Worship.
1. How did you find out about Signature in the Schools?
I saw last years Signature in the Schools production, Revolution, with my former high school Washington-Lee. I was very impressed and told myself that I would audition for the program next year. I was sadly too late to audition for the fine arts program that would allow me to audition for Signature in Schools so I thought I just had to wait till next year. Luckily, I made some new friends, met some amazing teachers over the summer and decided to transfer to Wakefield High School. Then, with some additional luck I got into Signature in the Schools.

2. Why did you want to join Signature in the Schools?
I have always loved theater and performing in shows with my school. However, I wanted and needed to branch out to other theaters to experience more of what the area might have to offer me in terms of theatrical education and training. After I saw the previous Signature in the Schools show I knew where to start.

3. What was you favorite part of our first few weeks of “boot camp” rehearsal?
My favorite part was the improvisational exercises we did throughout the first few weeks. Improv has always been my favorite type of performance. Performing with a group of other talented young actors made it even better and has allowed me to explore and create so much more both on and off the stage.

4. What do you hope to learn / accomplish by the end of the Signature in the Schools program?
I feel that with every role you play you always end up taking something away from it. If the character is romantic you become a little more suave. If the character is evil you become a little more devious. I hope that by the end of Signature in the Schools I can take something great away from my character, "Dominic" and I hope everyone can take something great away from me.

Hero Worship performs March 10th and March 17th at 8:00 PM. Tickets are free but reservations are required. To reserve seats, call 703-820-9771. Reservations are available beginning February 10th.


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