Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In With the Interns: Matt Strote

Name:  Matthew Taylor Strote (Matt)

Long-Term Goals: I plan to work in the education and community relations world of DC area theatre and arts organizations. I also will continue to moonlight as an actor, writer, and reader when possible and take as many photographs as time allows.

Favorite Musical: 

Favorite Play: 
Misterman by Enda Walsh
Farewell to the Theatre by Richard Nelson
Kafka's Dick and The History Boys by Alan Bennett

Internship Start Date: January 6, 2013

Internship Duties: Assistant Director and Teaching Artist for Signature in the Schools with the Education Department. General administrative duties and projects as assigned.

Favorite Things About Signature: I love and appreciate the willingness to be bold and try new things. The atmosphere is a wonderful place to work, learn, and be yourself.

Favorite Things About D.C.: The diverse and rapidly expanding theatre community, variety of neighborhoods to explore, plethora of amazing restaurants, and all the free museums you could ever want. 

General Cool Things About You: I am a member of a clown troupe. If you’re lucky I might introduce you to Baxter one day.

A penguin gets off the elevator right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?: Peter the Penguin removes the sombrero off his head and clutches it anxiously. “Yeah…hi. Umm…I was wondering if I might…and I completely understand if this too large of a request….but…would it be possible to get a slightly bigger sombrero? Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate the fact that I have one. I mean how many penguins can say they have a sombrero of their very own? But I would really like one big enough to store my spare change, fish, and lottery tickets in. Would that be possible? Peter smiles and shuffles awkwardly.


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