Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Passionate Productions at Signature

Here at Signature Theatre, we are known for being bold, brash and communicative about what we want and how we want it. This passion and drive of ours compels us to create, produce and perform theatrical productions which speak to the hearts of audiences and actors. Over the past 25 years Signature has used this passion to ignite emotions both on and off the stage.

Elmer Gantry and Sex with Strangers are productions that are bursting at the seams with tension, power, passion and a more than healthy dose of lust. In Elmer Gantry, our titular character (played by the remarkably talented Charlie Pollock) must struggle between his underhanded tactics as a businessman and his feelings for the woman he loves. In Sex with Strangers, Ethan and Olivia must try to confront their often alternating passions towards one another and the writing they care so very much about. Both productions deal with "passion" in the physical and carnal sense of the word. There is a bounty of insight to be found in these moments as one observes these characters and the actions they pursue.

As Charlie Pollock sits in his role as Elmer, he must wrestle with several things throughout the show. Should Elmer commit himself to serving the Lord again after straying from his religious path? Is it possible for passion to reignite a past persona once thought lost? Are people doomed to repeat past actions or is redemption possible? Elmer struggles with all of these moments of passion and conflict and more throughout Elmer Gantry. Does Elmer ever come to a conclusion in response to any of these burning questions? Only time and seeing Elmer Gantry will answer these questions.

The enigmatic Holly Twyford and Luigi Sottile star in Sex with Strangers as writers Olivia and Ethan. The ever-present sexuality raises a wide variety of questions in regards to motivations, actions and words spoken between the two. Are the feelings Ethan and Olivia have real? Are their rendezvous from the heart or strictly a matter of business? See if you can tell the differences between moments of passion and moments of logic in this production. Do passion and clear-headed decision making have distinctively different appearances or are they one and the same? See for yourself in Sex with Strangers.

Some could say it's unfortunate that so much of the best theatre involves passion and things not going perfectly to plan. But then again, that is a fairly accurate representation of life for all of us. Not all things go according to plan in life. Other people, places and things get in the way of our own motivations and desires.

For more information on either Elmer Gantry or Sex with Strangers or tickets feel free to check out our website here or give the box office a call at 703 820 9771 for all your information needs.


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