Monday, January 28, 2013

An Afternoon at Rehearsal: Brandi

In Signature in the Schools' premiere production of Revolution, actor and high school sophomore Brandi plays Basma Bouazizi, the younger sister of Tunisian revolutionary Mohammed Bouazizi. Below, Brandi takes us through a typical day at rehearsal:

A typical day of rehearsal involves the actors who are called for that day warming up with the directors with vocal exercises, stretching, and tasks involving concentration. After we are all warmed up, we jump into scene work. In rehearsals we typically run through scenes several times with the guidance of one of the directors and work on reactions, objectives, and relationships with other characters. In between working scenes, we occasionally do exercises that help with characterization and movement in-the-round. Each day we laugh and joke around, but when a serious scene is being worked or our attention is needed, we all are ready to concentrate. There is a good balance of fun and focus and you learn something new every day in rehearsal.

Reading lines for the first time.
Rehearsing  a scene with fellow actor Max while David, the director, looks on.


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