Thursday, January 12, 2012

An interview with Signature in the Schools Veteran, Amanda

Amanda returns to Signature in the Schools for the third year in a row. Through her year, she has worm many different hats (both metaphorically and on stage) with SIS.  Her freshman year, she was the Backstage Manager for the Shakespeare, Will. Her sophomore year she was the light technician for Image is Everything. This year she will be making her SIS stage debut, creating the role of Grace, in the world premiere production of Un-American.
How is working as an actor different than working backstage?
            Working on stage versus off stage is very different for two reasons. First, I have different responsibilities. Instead of being in charge of set up and take down, my roles as an actor are to know my lines and cues and most importantly act. Second, I get seen. When you are working backstage, although you have an important role, the audience does not know you are there. This year however I get to be seen and known by the audience. This also means I get to watch the show from a different perspective. I am excited to see these differences and new experiences more when we get to our performances!

How has this changed your understanding of theatre?         This shift from off to on stage has changed my perception and understanding on theatre in a few ways. Being off stage I got to learn about acting by watching, yet this year I get to learn by experiencing. Also, after working off stage and now on stage I get to see the big picture. I now understand that they actors do not wholly carry the show on them, but the things that the audience does not see are sometimes the most important. Having this mind set about the show, I get to appreciate more as an actor what happens backstage.
What has been the biggest challenge as an actor thus far?
            The biggest challenge this year as an actor is understanding that when a light, sound, or other cues are told to be taken note of by the crew I am not responsible for knowing them. Also understanding that I on a different side of the show, where as an actor I have to be vulnerable as a person in order to play my character. This also means that everyone can see when I make a mistake.


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