Friday, January 27, 2012

Emily: Un-American ASM backstage at Hairspray.

Emily, a sophomore at Wakefield High School, returns to Signature in the Schools for the second consecutive year as assistant stage manager with Un-American. To help prepare them for their roles in Un-American, both our stage manager and assistant stage manager had the privilege of shadowing the SM and ASM of Hairspray during a performance. Assistant stage manager, Emily, reflects on her experience. Be sure to see Hairspray now extended through February 5th and Un-American, performing for the public on February 6th and 7th.

Emily hard at work during a rehearsal
How was your experience shadowing the assistant stage manager of Hairspray during a performance?          
Hairspray is one of my favorite musicals so when I heard that Signature in the Schools would be using the Hairspray stage I already was so excited!  After seeing their amazing performance I was even more excited to get the wonderful opportunity to shadow the Assistant Stage Manager during one of their performances.  I had a really great time getting to see everything that goes on backstage before, during and after the show.  I learned more about the job of an Assistant Stage Manager through questions I asked and information told to me by the person I shadowed.  For example, she told me about her responsibilities during rehearsals and I learned how they differed from mine.  

What did you take from this experience and how can this help you as ASM for Un-American?
It was a valuable learning experience to get to see the job and responsibilities of an Assistant Stage Manager during a live performance.  Not only were my questions answered, but I got to see the stage in use.  Every stage is different at Signature and it really helped me as the Assistant Stage Manager to spend time backstage during a show and see how this stage works.  Also, I got to see the layout of the props list that they used during the pre-set of the show.  This gave me an idea of something I could put together to help with our show.  This experience will improve my performance as an Assistant Stage Manager for Un-American.  

I really appreciate getting this opportunity and the time and courtesy given to me by the Assistant Stage Manager that I shadowed and others backstage. 


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