Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Julia - A New Actor Appears

Julia instructs and molds fellow actors from afar in a boot camp exercise.
Up next from the Veni, Vidi, Vici team we hear from one of our newest members, Julia. A very talented and brilliant young actor, Julia talks to us about her experience with Signature in the Schools so far and what excites her about the future of this world premiere project. 
"When I found out that I was accepted to be an actress in the Signature in the Schools program I was thrilled. I could not wait to start working with everybody! But I was also a little intimidated. I had heard such wonderful things about the program, like how professional the environment was and how much the actors grew as performers, and I was nervous about how I would fit into everything.  
Julia looks on as fellow actor Max discusses the exercise.
Flash forward to boot camp (a three week intensive before the first read through of the script where cast and crew work on connecting to the theme of the show and becoming an ensemble) and all of my doubts are erased. Everyone is not only incredibly talented but also warm and welcoming. The professional atmosphere is not intimidating at all but energizing and empowering. The focused, passionate energy radiating inside of the rehearsal room is contagious. I find myself impatiently counting down the hours during the school day until I can go back to Signature."
Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to hear more from the amazing 20th Anniversary cast and crew of Signature in the Schools. For more information on the program be sure to check out our web page. Tickets for this year's production will be available soon through the Signature Theatre Box Office at 703 820 9771.


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