Thursday, September 12, 2013

In With the Interns: Kelley Harrington

Name:  Kelley Harrington

Long-Term Goals: I plan on working full-time as a production dramaturg, or in theatre education/administration, preferably in the DC area. I also hope to publish a book at some point and travel as much as possible!

Favorite Musical: Les Misérables, Assassins

Favorite Play: 
(General): Translations by Brian Friel
(Older Play): Nathan the Wise by Gotthold Lessing
(New Play): The Convert by Danai Gurira

Favorite Movie:  The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Return of the King if I had to pick one)

Internship Start Date: September 3, 2013

Internship Duties: Production dramaturgy and teaching for “Signature in the Schools” and additional duties for the Education Department. 

Favorite Things About Signature: I love that Signature is not afraid to do new musicals and perform well-known musicals in a fresh new light. I also like the atmosphere of the office. This staff clearly likes to have fun with their work!

Favorite Things About D.C.: I’m super excited about the history and arts that I see everywhere I go in this city. From the grandiose Kennedy Center to the community contributions that allow Signature to put on awesome shows, D.C. cares about theatre, and I’m thrilled to be part of it all now. I’ve also been impressed by the sheer number of beautiful fountains in this city. Seriously, they’re everywhere.

General Cool Things About You: I know how to water-ski; I once received dramaturgy advice from Stephen Schwartz; I often listen to (and sing) Disney songs to get motivated; I am a self-professed chocoholic.

Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Who and Why?
Tina Fey & Neil Patrick Harris : My life would be one long musical comedy.


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