Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Night Music

For two weeks, Alexandra, one of our amazing Overtures students, made daily note of her experiences here at Overtures. 

Friday, June 28 

As we near the end of a demanding, exhausting, encouraging, and uplifting two weeks, there are few words left that will not sound too nostalgic or clich√© to describe what an incredible experience Overtures 2013 has been. Few words, but “Thank you!”

With final tech preparations wrapped for our company showcase tomorrow morning, individual exit interviews with our exceptional instructors, and a chance to make personal reflections on how far we have come these past two weeks and where we will go from here, this evening’s final rehearsal was one last chance to regroup as a company before tomorrow’s performance. With the venerable Darius Smith at the piano arranging a popular, Broadway-geek-anthem, on the fly, we took on a little jam of “Empire State (Part II)” by Alicia Keyes. In under two hours, we made some truly beautiful music together.

Just as there were glimmers of excitement two weeks ago when we met and sang together for the first time, I noticed flashes of enthusiasm, glints of admiration for and appreciate of each other, and sparks of real joy. Joy that we will no doubt share on stage in tomorrow morning’s final showcase of Overtures 2013. Yay us! We make art! 


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