Monday, June 24, 2013


For the next two weeks, Alexandra, one of our many talented Overtures students, is taking over our blog. Check back for daily updates and come to the Overtures showcase Saturday at 11 AM!

The cast of Company
Sunday, June 23
Inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes, in all forms, and at anytime. It can come in a boot camp-style workout early on a Sunday morning. It can come belting through high notes you never thought possible. It can arrive when a phone rings, a door chimes, with company. Or Company.

Bright and early this morning, we returned to the ARK to begin Week 2 in earnest. And boy, did we ever! Our second master class of the program focused on body, voice, and mental fortitude. A grueling workout roused us from our post day-off blur. A group vocal coaching had us singing like aliens, sheep, mice, and squirrels, all to explore vocal placement. And team sessions once again found each individual realizing new vocal and dramatic possibilities. Stop me, if I’m sounding like a broken record!

As I sat watching and listening to fellow company members approaching this new style of coaching, I was amazed by the overwhelming discoveries taking place. I suppose I should not have been surprised by the transformations today since we have already grown so much individually in the past week. Yet the light bulb moments of clarity are constantly and consistently exciting. For example, that moment when someone’s eyes grow wide in anticipation of a challenging note only to find that it comes out crisply and effortlessly. The affirmation that the note sounded great or the story was clear comes when the audience of company members calls, “YES, gurl!” By dinner there was a smile on everyone’s face. Today was a great way to start the week.

And the day wasn’t over after class. This evening we were treated to an absolutely stellar performance of Company in the Max Theatre. Perhaps it was the realization that we were learning from these incredible performers and seeing those lessons applied, that we had a backstage pass to what it takes to put up a show like Company, or maybe it was simply our relishing in the art, but our back row in the second tier was the first to their feet for a standing ovation. There is something special about live theater that pulls at heartstrings, that sparks insightful questions about the magic of how it is done, that truly motivates each of us to continue working toward our purpose and goals of performing professionally. With our own juries and showcase just another five days away, seeing it all done so right may just have been the inspiration we all needed to start off another unbelievable week.


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