Thursday, March 21, 2013

Of "Revolution" and Reflection

Now that Revolution is said and done, we've asked the students who made up the cast and crew to share some of their thoughts about being part of Signature in the Schools:

"Signature in the Schools is phenomenal. The program has helped me grow so much as an actor, a student, and as a person over such a short period of time. The sense of community and family SIS creates is just mind blowing and the commitment from everyone involved is simply fantastic. It is difficult for me to articulate all of my positive feelings for this program so just trust me when I say SIS is a beautiful thing."
- Brandi, Actor (Basma)
Patrick and Basma share a quite moment. Photo Credit: Dennis Deloria

Andy reads a moving story with the class. Photo Credit: Dennis Deloria

"Signature in the Schools is what inspired me to continue theatre in college and into the future. Without this program, I would probably have no idea what to do after high school. I also can't think of anything I would have rather done these past four years than come to rehearsals and hang out with David, Ellis, Laura, Joan and Marcella!" 
- Max, Stage Manager

Larissa and Marcus perform characatures of King Louis
and Queen Marie Antoinette for a class presentation.
Photo Credit: Dennis Deloria
"I will never forget my great experiences and the friends that I gained through Signature in the Schools. Signature brings you into a new world of theatre like no other. I will miss Signature the most after I leave high school."
- Sean, Actor (Marcus)
"Signature in the schools has been one of the best programs I have ever participated in. Not only did I learn how to work on a professional play in a professional environment, but it also broadened my interest in theatre. I have met so many wonderful people and worked with such amazing mentors and I will definitely be back next year."
- Marwa, Lighting Board Operator

The cast of "Revolution" creates a tableau to depict Arab Spring protests.

Larissa, with the help of Caroline, puts her own spin on "protest."
Photo Credit: Dennis Deloria

"It’s been amazing to have the opportunity to work alongside such talented actors and dedicated directors. Signature Theatre has provided me great exposure to the field of theatre which has broadened my view on the arts, culture and life."
- Karl, Actor (Zerah)

"Perhaps one of the most astounding thing about Signature In The Schools is the sense of professionalism, yet at the same time a cast and crew bond equal to that of family. Your light operator, sound operator, crew, prop crew, stage managers, and fellow actors are all there to make you feel like you are actually part of this environment that is being created. I love, and all audiences love, what Signature Theater is able to present, and this year's performance of Revolution, written by Joe Calarco, was a fantastic example. I hope everyone is able to experience the insurmountable amount of joy that I have experienced while being able to participate with Signature in the Schools." 
- Max, Actor (Patrick)

Basma watches on as Mr. Stieper comforts Patrick. Photo Credit: Dennis Deloria


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