Thursday, March 29, 2012

In With the Interns: Laura Matey

Name: Laura Matey

From:  Philadelphia, PA (home of THE Liberty Bell!)

Long-Term Goals:  To have a happy and successful career in the theatre, to have a reason to laugh everyday of my life, and to one day meet (then naturally become best friends with) Ellen DeGeneres and/or Betty White.

Favorite Musical: Bubble Boy (for today, at least)

Favorite Play: I can’t possibly pick one! This changes from day to day. At the moment, Eden Court comes to mind.

Favorite Movie: Waiting for Guffman

Internship: Education and Community Outreach.

Internship Start Date: October 2011.

Internship Duties: Assistant Director and Teaching Artist for Signature in the Schools, Dramaturg for Un-American and God of Carnage, and whatever else is needed! General administrative assistant for all projects in the Education Department, including Signature Academy, Overtures, and Stage One.

Favorite Things About Signature: Their fearlessness when it comes to taking risks, the wonderful people, and Lily the dog.

Favorite Things About D.C.: Their theatre community, duh!

General Cool Things About You: I helped set the 1998 world record for “Worlds' Largest Marching Band”. I was in fourth grade and I played the tuba. All I have to show for it is an oversized t-shirt and the satisfaction of knowing that I was a part of something big. That was the beginning and end of my marching band career.

If you were a tree, what kind of a tree would you be and why?: Well, I am allergic to trees so this question is very ironic. Probably an apple tree, why not share the wealth. 

For more information about internships, including application requirements,  please visit our intern page.


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